Center of the Universe – NFT
Metronomicon Audio/Diger Digital
releasedate 31. jan 2022

How did it turn into the art craze of last year – when it was made in 2014? NFT is the newest word that very few people understand what means. It’s something you can own, but does it really exist? Does it use a lot of energy? Is it really art or just a mere representation?

Of course Center of the Universe got a track about this, and the philosophical problems that arises here, and about the money beeing made out of refurbishing old memes and .gifs.

The video for the track is also available as an NFT, on one of the low-energy platforms off course. This is not because the artist want to be a star of the crypto-art scene, but because it’s conceptually funny that a track that criticizes the phenomenon is also a part of it; it’s a funky synthesizer filled little contradiction, right there in the middle of popular culture.

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