Summing up the year with a video and single!A song about the year 2022, obviously not a good year for everyone! Maybe we are all hoping for a better 2023? The track sums up the year knowing it is an impossible task: the post pandemic reality, the attempts at a Metaverse, the ominous feeling that […]

Center of the Universe – COU

Center of the Universe – COU(Metronomicon Audio/Diger)DL/Stream 7th october Center of the Universe presents eight songs named from abbreviations, ranging from the modern NFT to the more old school ones like DVD. The sound is electronic and inspired by funk, boogie and even hiphop on the tracks featuring canadian rapper Motëm og norways own WHALESHARKATTACKS.What […]

Interabangerz remixes

Following up the acclaimed shaped picture disc Interabangerz is a set of remixes by international producers. From Norway via Egypt and Berlin/Morocco to the UK and back, a true party starter bridging cultures through electronic music.Sleeve by Espen Friberg1. Track ID (Cold Mailman SHREK ID Remix)2. Bassoon is now (Remix by Abosahar)3. Cosmic Sleng Teng […]


https://meau.bandcamp.com/track/mp3 Everyone my age got some relation to the MP3, from the 90s where the players where sold but you could not buy the files to modern DJ’s filling their USB sticks with hits. Center of the Universe samples what we believe is the worlds first MP3 (with permission). FUNKY.MP3 was composed by J. Herre […]


Center of the Universe – NFTMetronomicon Audio/Diger Digitalreleasedate 31. jan 2022 How did it turn into the art craze of last year – when it was made in 2014? NFT is the newest word that very few people understand what means. It’s something you can own, but does it really exist? Does it use a […]